Membership Eligibility

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The American Society of Registered Nurses has eight (8) classes of members: Full Members, Associate Members, Student Members, Retired Members, Disabled Members, International Members, Organizational Members and Affiliate Members. The following is the eligibility criteria for the eight classes of members:

Full Membership:

Any licensed RN presently working within the United States, its territories, orCanada automatically qualifies for a Full Membership.

Voting rights and privileges: Full Members shall be accorded full voting rights and privileges.

Associate Membership:

Any RN that is no longer working in the profession, but formerly worked as a licensed RN within the within the United States, its territories, or Canada and left in good standing qualifies for an Associate Membership.

Voting rights and privileges: Associate Members may vote.

Student Membership:

Any student that is engaged in the study of nursing and has completed at least two years of undergraduate work, and is currently taking a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours in nursing courses from an accredited nursing school qualifies for a Student Membership. Student Memberships are valid for a maximum of four (4) years.

Voting rights and privileges: Student Members may not vote or hold office.

Retired Membership:

Any RN that is at least 55, has retired from nursing and has a minimum  of three (3) years as a Full Member qualifies for a Retired Membership.

Voting rights and privileges: Retired Members shall be accorded full voting rights and privileges.

Disabled Membership:

Any RN that has become unable to work due to an injury qualifies for a Disabled Membership. A statement by the RN is acceptable.

Voting rights and privileges: Disabled Members shall be accorded full voting rights and privileges.

International Membership:

Any RN that has a license or its equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority and demonstrates honorable standing in the profession in the locale in which they are licensed qualifies for an International Membership. International Members may vote.

Voting rights and privileges: International Members may vote.

Affilitiate Membership:

An Affiliate member is an individual whose business is other than that of registered nursing (e.g. education, certification, family member, etc.), but who has an interest in supporting registered nurses, in general, and the Society, in particular.

Voting rights and privileges: Affiliate Members may not vote or hold office.

Organizational Membership:

Any hospital or other organization associated with the nursing profession. Includes up to 7 full memberships.

Voting rights and privileges: Organizational Members may not vote or hold office.



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