ASRN Grants

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The American Society of Registered Nurses is presently funding the following grants:

ASRN Presidential Research Grant- I This ASRN Presidential Research Grant has been established to integrate evidence based practice (EBP) into hospital care. Lack of EBP can compromise patient care, and this Presidential Research Grant has been created to help identify and evaluate the necessary mechanisms that should be put into place to help nurses build the skills needed for EBP.

ASRN Presidential Research Grant- II This ASRN Presidential Research Grant has been established to reach scientific and evidence based conclusions regarding outpatients’ post-surgical pain, and bedside pain management.

ASRN Presidential Research Grant- III This ASRN Presidential Research Grant seeks scientific and evidence based results regarding the correlation between anti-psychotic drugs and the advanced-stage methanphetine patient.

ASRN Presidential Research Grant- IV This ASRN Presidential Research Grant focuses on the attrition of new student nurses, including where they go after leaving the field and why they left.

ASRN Presidential Research Grant- V This ASRN Presidential Research Grant has been established to evaluate the preparedness of Nurses in the US if the pandemic should imminently occur, and what necessary steps are required to prevent the pandemic’s varying stages of invasion.

Application Deadline:

To Be Announced


These grants are open to any nursing researcher or nurse practitioner that hold a position in Research, Public Policy, Advanced Practice, or Advanced Practice Research and demonstrates a high level of leadership and achievement. Applicants must have significant research experience. ASRN’s conflict-of-interest policy applies. All applicants must be prepared to explain their methodology before the ASRN Grants Committee. Preference will be given to ASRN members. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


Grants will be 12 months (one year) in duration.

Total Award:

Grants will range from $1,000 to $25,000 depending on the strength of the proposal.


The applications will be reviewed by the ASRN Grants Committee, and will be judged based on the applicant’s capabilities, project feasibility, and potential for advancing the field.

Grant Conditions:

Bi-monthly reports summarizing the status and the results of the project must be submitted to the ASRN Grants Committee. The applicant will be expected to disseminate information to ASRN within 30 days of project completion for publication.



Stop Treating Nurses Like Commodities

What happened to me — and continues to happen to countless others — is needless but likely inevitable in the toxic culture we’ve created and perpetuate. I was party to the culture for more than a decade before I began to recognize the toxicity and call it out. Finally, I feel like the real me again, but now with more experience and confidence. It’s time for all of us to speak up against the notion that nurses are commodities and against the collateral damage of toxic corporate health care. Start sharing your stories about burnout, post-traumatic stress, and the dangers of metrics-based health care. Something’s got to give, and it shouldn’t be the well-being of caregivers.


Allergic To Dogs? It May Only Be The Males

It’s not the hair of the animal that triggers the allergic reaction. It’s proteins in the urine, saliva and dander (or dead skin cells), of the dog or cat that trigger an oversensitive immune system to react. To date, science has identified six specific dog allergens.